Friday, October 14, 2011

A Syn of Times

We recently happened upon a music marketing company known as "The Syndicate." It's website is called This may be seen as a provocative name--alluding to "sin", but this company actually refers to its employees as "Synners" in a job solicitation (so much for being inclusive to Christians). Yet no name could be more fitting for a modern music company, as modern music has been utterly co-opted by the forces of evil; and is rife with such "playful" satanism.

Even from a glance at the website, one notices a video with a menacing beat, featuring a person with a goat-head interspliced with brief, disturbing clips of fans doing weird, bad stuff.

But the bad behavior is really accidental to the evil wound into the music itself. Many have commented that Katy Perry's piece, ET, is so aggressively diabolical-sounding that they actually feel like their very soul is somehow damaged just from having listened to a portion of it--their breast feeling a horrible darkness within it, having come from the song. One man reported that his heart hurt for several minutes after hearing it. Lady Gaga is another perpetrator who goes to extremes in promoting a form of demented sensationalism in many of her pieces.

The strangest part about it all is that many of these pieces are composed by apparently normal human beings; it seems they should have been composed by a cult of satanists, or a coven of witches for how evil they sound. It is so difficult to believe that a mere human would want to propagate something so disturbing, even if it netted him or her lots of money.

For what does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul? It seems like the modern music industry is composed solely of those whom have sold their souls.

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