Sunday, June 15, 2014

Our Favorite Celebs Morphthinged

Our top three political influences.

Our top four favorite famous ladies.

Three of our favorite beauties. One of the faces is also used above.
This is a morph of our favorite ladies.

This is of four of our favorite European actresses/models.
This is a morph of some of our favorite ladies. Unlike the pic above, we chose them from the Morphthing website. There are 16 ladies in total who were added together to make this morph. For an in-depth discussion of them and our thoughts on face morphs in general see our previous article featuring this face.

Vintage beauties: Three of our favorite vintage actresses.

This is a morph of our favorite actors.

 This is a morph of our top three favorite athletes.

 This is a morph of our favorite quaterbacks. It resembles the face above it because it contains some of its faces.

 This is a morph of our top three favorite black athletes.

This is a multiracial morph of our top 9 athletes. A mixture of black and white, he looks Dominican or Brazillian.

The Villain: Our 12 least favorite people in politics.

Jewish Influences: The top 8 Jewish political writers who have influenced our views.

Sages: some of our intellectual influences.

Favorite Authors/Poets

 Favorite Scientists/Inventors

Joan of Arc: Our top 3 most favorite women in politics.

Wicked Witch: Our top 4 most evil women in politics and entertainment.

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