Thursday, March 1, 2012

Huffington was Moonstruck by Gingrich

Strangely enough, Ariana Huffington, founder of the liberal Huffington Post, was moonstruck by Speaker Gingrich in the '90s. According to Politico
Back then, when Gingrich helped the GOP recapture the House and took on the Clinton administration as speaker, Huffington was one of his strongest supporters. “She was a big champion of the Newt Revolution"

Now, she is an Obama fan and her website is critical of Gingrich. She must now think she was chasing moonbeams back then.

Concerning Newt's dreams of a moon colony, it reveals that despite his strong ties with the establishment, employment with Freddie Mac and friendship with the Tofflers. Nevertheless, Newt does have some eccentric originality to him. He has always been chasing moonbeams, or moon dreams rather, and has always considered himself to be a savior of the environment and of education, which explains his sitting on the couch in a commercial about "climate change" with Pelosi and his private visit with Obama on education in 2009. Newt's originality isn't up to our tastes...

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